Six Ways of Earning While Studying

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Sanjida Tamanna

We are considered independent once we turn eighteen, but by then, do we become capable of paying our mobile, Netflix, or even fast food bills from our pockets?  If not, then I don’t consider us to be independent.

The most widely practiced idea of earning while studying is being a home tutor, which is tiringly monotonous and recreationally less rewarding. It’s the 21st century, and if there are so many exciting ways to earn, then why would we roam around the same path that has zero scopes for creativity? If you are still not familiar with the jobs floating around you, then it’s time to have a look. 



In today’s world, being a professional doesn’t mean that someone has to be under an organisation or brand. Professionals are doing almost anything from anywhere, and selling their work to the whole world.

Up work and Fiverr are just two names who are bringing jobs to your doorstep. If you simply create an account, you can look for jobs that can be done remotely online and get paid. The most rewarding of all is that with such small jobs, you will never find it monotonous — you will be contacting clients, not a regular boss. You will always get new clients with every new job you sign up for, and slowly you will gain bargaining power for higher pay with your skills. 


Web Content Writer

Being a writer for a digital platform is a cool trend now. It has a pretty handsome salary as well. All you need to have are excellent writing skills, good communication, and patience. As it is all about meeting deadlines, you have to be very punctual and responsible for your work. With your experience and hard work, you can raise your pay rate fairly and quickly.


Event Planner 

Event planning might be a great option to start a small business with very little capital. Students can do it remotely and find good opportunities in their locality. They can start from their local area and plan social events like birthdays, weddings, or any type of corporate gathering.

It is all about considering the client’s purpose and requirements and then providing the service in a way that will be a unique experience for the client. Once you have a happy client, you will have them as a returning customer, and your customer base will grow.


Makeup Artist

Doing makeup is an art and it cannot be taken lightly as it requires some pretty nifty skills. And, it can pay you well if you know how to do it. If anyone has the talent and passion for making others look more attractive, then they should definitely go for it. The disadvantage of this work is that it is more occasional, and getting a regular client is not easy. On top of that, it is very time-consuming as well. Through creating a profound portfolio in social media, you can get more customers.


Food Delivery Service

If anyone has a passion for cooking and top-notch management skills, then opening a catering service can be a great option to start a new business. It doesn’t require much capital or stock, as it purely depends on the quantity of the order. Maintaining consistency of quality of service is the key capital of this business, which is not very easy to achieve.


Arts and Etsy

If anyone has an artistic hobby, then they should go for a creative art shop on Etsy. It will require dedication towards creative hobbies as long as they keep at it and find the right resources. As everyone is hooked to the internet, it is an excellent platform to use for marketing. For this, they can make good use of social media platforms. 

To conclude, ideas can be generated from anywhere, and inspiration can be drawn from hundreds of role models. Whichever job you go for, you should have the passion and a strategic plan for the long run. Last but not least, one should have a backup plan in case things go wrong. However, in the end, we shouldn’t forget that success doesn’t come quick — perseverance and hard work is the key.


Sanjida Tamanna is struggling to be a perfectionist like Monica Geller with her OCD symptoms. Send her cures at [email protected]

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