Bookish people

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Umma Maimuna Alam

People are a lot like books.

Each has their own different story.

Each one has ups and downs, highs and lows. 

Many of them are reminisced for their unique smells that fill up the senses with distinctiveness.

When you touch them, the feeling of contact gives rise to feel enlivened.

Some are about tragedy, some are filled with humour, and some comprise different journeys. 

Some have a lot to tell. 

Then again, there are some that you only need to observe, and passionately read them out to decipher their overwhelming portrayal. 

Often, they are judged only by their covers. But what truly matters is the core inside. The beginnings can be confusing. But gradually, after acquiring their gists through knowing them well, you get to understand them, as well as all the characters involved in them.

The unknown twists and turns come to light, progressively.

Few are such that you have to be empathetic to truly feel their story. But let me tell you this, each of them is significant.

Even those you feel are not good enough or rather terrible, you eventually get to learn from them. You evolve through each experience, gently.

There are some who hold more than one story. And then there are some so incoherent that they make you feel as if they were all over the place. But if you try to discern them, you might grow fond of them, ultimately realising their substantial value. 

Books and people, both have to be dealt with care and attention. You can’t throw them away anytime. They hold great value, simply by virtue. Sadly, in this world, there exist few who cannot read at all. Hence, books and people both have to be cherished and comprehended beyond what catches the common eye. Both humans and books have a beginning and an end, but they might vary between happy and sad endings. 

Nevertheless, they are meaningful and have their own essences. To that realisation, let’s try to be a reader, instead of being ignorant. The world will become a beautiful place to live.

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