The Linguistic Battle by MSCLC

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The Linguistic Battle presented by MSCLC was the first ever national-level event organised by any club from Monipur High School and College. 

As there were no requirements for financial coverage, they did not have any sponsors. However, Signary, the newsletter of Bangladesh Language Forum served as their media partner.

The events of The Linguistic Battle were as follows:

Situational Writing, Poetry Writing, Extempore Speech, Book Review, Movie or Series Review, Story Submission, Solo Quiz, What If, PowerPoint presentation, Digital Art, The Listener and Picture Explanation.    

Situational Writing, Poetry Writing and Story Submission accepted submissions in both Bangla and English.     

Among the common linguistic events, their unique event was – What If.  In this event, an imaginary situation was provided and the participants had to describe it using their own words and imagination powers. Stupendous responses from participants along with splendid depictions of the given situation were received in this event. 

Approximately, a hundred individuals took part in this event. Although each event had a modest number of participants, Solo Quiz had the highest among all. The events — Picture Explanation and What If, were two sensational additions to the event for garnering participation.

Due to internal issues, clubbing and co-curricular activities are disallowed in their school. Like other clubs in their institution, MSCLC is also fully run by students without institutional support. Hence, this national event was not only a huge milestone for MSCLC, but also for all the other clubs running without institutional support.

MSCLC vows to spread linguistic practice among the students, and this event was the stepping stone to fulfill their objective.


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