TDA Recommends: Genre-Specific Music Albums

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Anindya Arif


Hard Rock:  

Nothing More The Stories We Tell Ourselves 

Grammy-nominated fifth studio album The Stories We Tell Ourselves from American rock outfit Nothing More is tailor-made for every hard rock fan due to its anthemic intensity and severe emotional punch. 


LRB & FeelingsScrewdrivers

Boasting the likes of the two legendary bands, LRB and Feelings,  comes the album that started the resurgence of rock’s popularity in the country and laid the blueprint for both past and currents bands to follow.


Punk Rock: 

Green Day Dookie

An instant classic of the genre that deals with relatable themes of adolescence and disengagement from the world around us, the album that defined the green day era and the genre itself.


Grunge Rock: 


This album shook the core foundation of 90’s music by eliminating all pre-conceived notation of what is and isn’t mainstream, as well as overthrew Michael Jackson’s Dangerous and became the bestselling album in the United States. The album went on to become the generational anthem for listeners at that time with its relatable themes of feeling ugly, stupid and disillusioned. 


Black Amar Prithibi

The debut record from grunge rock outfit Black and is widely considered their best work. This is an essential album for every grunge fan to listen who closely follows our local music scene. 



Foo FightersThere is Nothing Left to Lose

The album that elevated Dave Ghrol’s status from Nirvana‘s drummer to one of the founding fathers of new age post-grunge. With their big guitars and arching, melodies saw the album winning their first Grammy Award for Best Rock Album in 2000.


IndaloKokhon Kibhabe Ekhane Ke Jane

The electrifying debut from Indalo which formed with familiar faces,  such as Jon, former-front man for Black, Zubair, former-vocalist/guitarist for Aashor; conjoined by Bart, bassist for Ajob, and Dio from Nemesis, on drums. This album helps to breathe new life into the country’s dying music scene with their enigmatic sound and more focused songs. With more western heavy influences like Sound Garden and Alice in Chains, this album is an excellent starting off point for anyone trying to get into the country’s current music scene.



Talking HeadsRemain in Light

An absolute hypnotic Post-Punk record from Talking Heads with dense fluid instrumentation and lyrically explores themes of systematic control, anxiety, inability to understand the world properly. David Byrne’s hypnotic vocals and introspective lyrics make it a must listen for everyone. 


Classic Rock:

Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IV

One of the varied albums from the legendary rock outfit which incorporates loud Zeppelinanian tracks, rock classics, blues rock as well as more sombre moments with tracks like Going to California. All in all, this album has something for all kinds of rock listeners.  


Alternative Rock:

HoleLived Through This 

Loud, forceful and angst-filled Courtney Love sings about aspects that rock largely undermine, such as the perspective of female vocals on essential issues. This is indeed an energising record with a dominant first-half and a stylistic statement.


Arbovirus64m 53s

The 2006 Arbovirus record resembles the best aspects of the local alternative scene immaculately. With sharp instrumentation and lyricswritten for everyday men, make it a must-listen for everyone. 


Art rock:

RadioheadA Pool Shaped Moon 

Arguably, this is the most personal record on the list. The latest studio album from The UK based art rock outfit Radiohead, deals with the most tender and anxious moments—with introspective lyrics, like “I’m not living/ I’m just killing time.” This record is best listened during more melancholic reflective hours. 



Joe Pass: Virtuoso

Joe Pass is a magician playing a solo acoustic guitar in an era amplified with electro-pop. The album is an essential listen for any serious music fan



Magic SamWest Side Soul


Magic Sam’s debut record from its initial minutes encapsulates the listener with his soulful voice and doesn’t let go until the end. This is one of the most exciting blues record ever. 



Deep Purple and Royal Philharmonic OrchestraConcerto for Group and Orchestra

A grandiose an orchestral effort from a quintessential rock band — words I had never imagined to write. The album perfectly shows how versatile Deep Purple’s sound can be, as they sing and play in complete synergy with Malcolm Arnold. 


Baroque Pop:

The BeatlesSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

This album, even after all these years, still feels like it came out yesterday. The Sgt. Pepper concept helped not only revolutionise their sound, but also music in general. It feels much more of an urgent record than it did at its release. 



Taylor Swift – Lover 

A bright album that is an ode to both love and retribution and includes elements of both synth and punk pop. This is a dreamy record showing a more mature side of Swift.



PVRISAll We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell

All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell is a weighty but contagious record. The album is gripping and bold, pushing the genre to its limits.


EidaPop Songs for No One 

The latest band in the local scene to cause new insurgence is electro pop popularity of Bangladeshi pop scene is Eida, with their bold instrumentation and aesthetic choices they are creating quite a splash. Make sure to check out their new EP.



Death Cab for CutieTransatlanticism

The album captures the proper aesthetic of Death Cab for Cutie, and shows the band at their peak and highlights their storytelling prowess. A perfect slow rush trough and trough. 


AtticDo You Hear That

If Eida is redefining what Bangladeshi pop can be Attic is doing the same in terms of the Indie genre. Their unconventional catchy tunes along with Shadab’s husky voice should be enough to keep you listening to them again and again. 




From its opening strains, the record becomes an infectious record that you cannot help yourself but groove too. With a focus on hooks and groves, this catchy EP is all you need to brighten up your day.  



Swedish House MafiaUntil Now

The secret ingredient for ever-great party, this 22-song-mix pushes the genre to its peak. An essential listen for every EDM listener or not.


Hip Hop: 

Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d city

At Pulitzer-winning Kendrick Lamar’s peak, this unriveting and brave album portrays its theme of racial abuse and how Lamar grew up. This album is more relevant now than it has ever been. 



Don McLean – American Pie

A true classic album that reflects its era to its perfection with a varied range of memorable melodies making it a must-listen. 



Black SabbathParanoid

A true milestone in the metal genre that marked the dawn of mainstream metal. It’s an essential listen for any metal head or otherwise. 


Cryptic Fate –  Sreshtho

This is a loud blistering record that has a lot to say, defining a generation of every metal-head of the country. 



Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

This record is widely considered the most crucial Jazz record of all time, as it managed to be both innovative and entertaining. With advanced music yet easy approachability, it perfected jumping on point for anyone willing to get into jazz. 


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