Normalising and Embracing Our Differences

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Afra Ibnat Parsha

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender — what a set of not so anomalous words these are. The Stonewall Riots of 28 June, 1969, contributed to these terms gradually becoming normalised, and June being publicised as “Pride Month.”

However, the seed of this proud edict had been sown long before, in 1959, during protests against police harassment. A series of these far-reaching events has significantly shaped the lives of LGBTQ+ communities throughout the world. Nevertheless, heterosexuality still remains a malison in the civilisation.

We tend to wear the veil of sophistication and think of ourselves as agents of the “Unbiased Army.” But when it comes to facing a scenario, most of us are likely to fall into dilemmas fed by social stigma. Things turn out to be really easy, sitting on the heterosexual and binary gender couch, watching the world follow a stigmatised rule of order.

But what happens if the tables are turned? What if in a parallel universe, our “normal” is their “eww gross”? In our world, we have been injected with a notion of “normality” while growing up. Girls like pink, boys like blue. But when the opposite happens, we freak out and push them away for not conforming to these everlasting norms.

Homosexuality is just like that; those who think of homosexuality as a phase or delusion live in denial. And the basis of this denial is mostly 1) An overdose of this “so-called-Normality,” or 2) The superstition of homosexuality going against nature.

In our daily lives, we assume people around us to be straight because that’s the social default. A major number of people also think cracking jokes about homosexuality is funny and cool. In fact, a bunch of these pretentious people tend to call these people drag queens, bull dykes, fags, etc. as a form of their delusional humour.

In a prejudiced society like ours, it is NOT easy to be a homosexual, or even a transgender. You get to choose neither of them. Do you (homophobic) people believe being homosexual or heterosexual is served to us as an appetizer in heaven before appearing on this earth? To your surprise, that is not the case. So, what’s the loss in respecting them as an individual?

If something is causing you no harm, then simply respecting people shouldn’t bother you as it takes no physical or mental energy whatsoever. On the other hand, showing hate on social media requires an abundance of mental energy and is time consuming. It seems futile to think that these posts will make the world a better place.

It is okay to be confused about sexuality.

Being a teenager is like riding a roller-coaster. You go through the highs and lows, all the while being unaware and unsure of your future. With the obligation of embracing heterosexuality, one finds it hard to explore. So, it should be taught to us from early life that all sexualities are normal. TV series/movies should focus on normalising this; if people acknowledge this, then gradually they’ll become friendlier with the concept.

The same goes with transgender people. We are made to believe that they’re risky. I often think, no matter how wise or socially cultured my mind is, I would’ve done the exact same things if I were put in their shoes. And we can start slowly by not fearing them.

Numerous times, I have encountered that one can gain their trust just by being nice to them. In every aspect of our lives e.g. work, education, entertainment, etc. we need to be reminded about the normality of transgenders. It’ll take quite a while to wipe out this social stigma, but the youngsters are already expectantly awakening.

Transgender and homosexual people are human, too. The distance we maintain from them is eventually leading to a chaotic society.

Pride month should be about embracing your true selves. Regardless of your colour, gender, sexuality, or ethnicity, embrace the truth that the only bridge amongst us is the bridge of benevolence. Let us all find beauty within ourselves and cherish endearment that comes from a fellow feeling.

May a gleeful pride month be showered upon humanity during this dismaying time.


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