Fahim Saleh — An Untimely Passing

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Fahim Saleh, co-founder of Pathao, was found dead in his condo in Manhattan on Tuesday around 3:30pm local time. He was discovered by his sister, who had come looking for him because she hadn’t heard from him for a day.

Fahim was a computer science and engineering (CSE) graduate from Bentley University. He got his start creating a prank calling website, and then moved on to Pathao, the popular ride-sharing company. He was described by friends as a self-made millionaire, who brought tech companies into nations like Nigeria and Indonesia. Fahim loved gadgets and video games.

“He was smart, ambitious, very kind,” a friend who had come to the precinct to check on his sister, said. “Always smiling.”

Although he was apparently targeted, his friends don’t believe he was worried about anything. “He never said he was scared.”

Fahim’s acquaintances, deeply saddened by his passing, described him as a friendly, happy-go-lucky person. A woman who worked in his building said, “He was a great guy, very friendly, very courteous.”

Fahim has posted a series of articles in Medium, describing his history as an entrepreneur. He has also shared strategies and ideas for young dreamers.

It is greatly saddening to hear of the death of someone so young and talented, and the brutal nature of the killing makes it especially difficult to hear and process. We extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and acquaintances of the departed.


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