Striking the Right Chords, One Last Time

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Maisha Islam Monamee

Seri, Kizie Basu?

Seri, Immanuel Rajkumar Junior.


Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film, Dil Bechara, premiered a few days ago and has already won over the hearts of all his fans, yet once again. Set in Jamshedpur, the movie tracks through the lives of cancer patients, living in terms to their struggles and finding solace in support group meetings. It takes you to the lives of Kizie Basu and Immanuel Rajkumar Junior, as they leave you in awe by the end of the film. It is about love, and a lot more than that. It is about finding support and being for each other despite all odds. It is about them, and all of us.

What makes this an amazing movie is the relevance to real lives. You can instantly connect to the characters, reliving the fantasy, over and over again. The journey is known and still seems new. Sanjana does a brilliant job through her role as Kizie, a typical brown girl, with a dream. And needless to say, Sushant manages to charm the audience with his antics and portrays a character anyone could fall for. The film is simple and sweet and makes you smile, with tears rolling down your cheek.

At the end, the film leaves behind a void that can never be filled. Like the song discussed in the film, the story remains incomplete and you keep yearning to know more. Like life, the ending is abrupt and hits you differently. Things are more complicated as you realise that you won’t be witnessing this man do his thing on the big screen again. It has a sad ending and leaves you in a state of helplessness and just like Kizie keeps of fighting against cancer and life, without her Manny, you start relating more than before.

The sound track is magical, to say the least, and just adds more soul to the story. Songs appear just at the right moment and create an atmosphere of complete wholesomeness as you witness the amazing screenplay. This movie is recommended to everyone. Even if you don’t follow Hindi movies, even if you don’t like the actors, you must experience 100 minutes of bliss.


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