Destiny, Sadness, and Illusions

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Waliur Rashid



Lost in time, lost in thoughts.

I fall deeper into the pits of my mind.

I cannot see the paths behind.

The future is a mystery to me.

So, where am I to flee

When all my misery

come running behind me?

We all suffer, even if you don’t prefer

to suffer.

Time goes on like a river.

This river, you cannot uncover.

Like a log, you float on, carried by the waves.

Down a path, you cannot change.




Sadness comes crashing through my dreams.

It flows endlessly through the core of my soul.

With each passing day,

I fear I am only losing my way.

Am I just a lonely stray?

Of this cruel world that is dark and grey.




I met you in my dreams again today.

You were with someone else, so I stayed away.

When I wake up, your memories do not stay.

My mind takes a form of blue and grey.

I know I have gotten hell to pay,

but girl, you know this is not me.

I can’t go back the way I came.

I can only see the light of the flame.

Burning deep within my heart.

You can’t see it with eyes covered in dirt.

So, why don’t you take my hand?

I’ll take you to the sea of sand

Where each grain is a memory,

of what you used to be.


Wali enjoys lying in bed doing nothing. But he does enjoy a good Lovecraftian movie!


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