Born for a Thousand Cuts, Birth: A Tragedy, Rebirth

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Tasnia Shahrin



Born for a Thousand Cuts


I was born a thousand times 

For thousands of reasons,

to run thousands of miles.

But each time I try to recall, 

The purpose of these petty lives – 

A million of models 

Appear in front of me. 

Not one of them resembled what I like. 


Be a doctor or be a scientist, 

Wear a stethoscope and

 Read their heart beats. 

But remember 

Not to do it for free, 

As money precedes humanity. 


While my dreams become

 Like the dust of a star, 

My memories are locked away 

With my old guitar, 

I hope one day this silly pressure shuts, 

To save thousand deaths by a thousand cuts.



Birth: A Tragedy


It all began with
birth, then life.
Then death, then the afterlife,
Then reincarnation.

In this cycle, 
I draw the dawn
with sharp splinters
of my broken dreams.
And watch the stars
Bleed from the sky.

But by the time
They care,
By the time
They realise,
By the time
It all clicks,

I’ll be one of the stars
Watching them,
As they still expect
a title of prestige
In my tombstone.





Yesterday—I was the universe,
Today—just a dawn.
Something in me moves.

My past versions are gone.

I’m building myself again.

Just like a house,
Where the ground is courage,
And the walls are passion,
And the roof is a masterpiece of kindness.

I’m building myself again.

All from the scratch.

Hope the society accepts me

And I am its utopian match.


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