Black Sheep

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Tasnia Shahrin

A man by birth,
A villain by choice
Always misunderstood by another
A man with a family,
but now the family disowns the man—
always comparing with a brother
Or a friend
Or another neighbour’s child. 

A man by birth,
A disgrace by choice,
A loser to some,
A burden to others,
Even though he put them in front of himself.
Always trying to fulfill their expectations
at the cost of his own happiness. 

A man by birth,
Now dead by choice.
He laid down his life to protect their pride.

A father now without a son
A brotherhood without a brother
A friend without his average friend
A family without its black-sheep.

A man by birth
Now forgotten by choice—
Misunderstood for life,
Misunderstood after death,
He waits patiently
For his serendipity.


The writer is a part of the TDA Editorial Team.    

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