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Muhammad Ibn Sharif Spandan

Caressed by the wind,

Waves of pleasure

Flow through my core,

Enlivening every corner.


Gloom fades,

Pink shades

Vividly fill the skies,

Mesmerising my eyes. 


Melodically singing

Rhythms through my ears,

Clouds of birds

Dance without fears.


Truly, heaven exists

Inside our hearts,

As heaviness fades

Vanquished with tears. 


Myriad trees laugh

Tickled by the breeze,

Gently thawing my heart

That is freezing. 


Embracing the warmth

Of cherished spring breeze,

Ecstasy rushes

Through my veins,

Reviving me

Once again.


Spandan is definitely the gentlest troublemaker, with hilarious incidents caused by him every now and then.


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